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About Ron Cloer
Ron Cloer has been working in the internet
marketing world since 2005.

What's important to you?

No one size fits all approach
We don't believe that there is one formula for each customer. We want to hear about your website goals.

Recent Projects

Sign Solution in Greenwood
They are a full service, architectural sign company who
wanted a very interactive website.

Web Design Indianapolis and Greenwood -

What some people won't tell you...

There is a problem with your existing website and you only know it doesn't bring in new customers. You see, website designers and developers don't usually know how to make a website that search engines love. They make a nice design and that's it. They let you worry about getting eyeballs on your site. If you hire a friend to build your website you're risking your company's image to a novice.    

Most people think if you make a website people will come. I'm sorry to say this isn't Field of Dreams. (If you build it, they will come) Whoever is designing your site needs to be concerned with color combinations, layout, ease of navigation, conversion ratio AND traffic to your site. The term most often used is search engine optimization or having your site optimized.

We don't view building your website as an either/or situation, we strive to build a great looking website that is search engine optimized. This is accomplished in the building process. We will ask you what keywords you want to rank for in the search engines. Then we will build your site with your keywords in mind.

The next important element is designing a website that converts leads into sales. This is done through the layout. We can make your company's main focus, the main focus of the website. We want to direct leads into your sales funnel.

Local search engine optimization is yet another way we can put your website and company in front of the right audience. We are located in the Indianapolis/Greenwood market and we know this marketplace. But we can do the same for your area.

Aren't you tired of a website that doesn't produce results or convert leads into customers? Call and ask about all our services from web design, search engine marketing, lead conversion techniques, search engine optimization and more.